Wooden Sash Windows London

For this page, we wanted to focus on the price of wooden sash windows you can buy from our service in London.

Prices vary a lot for all different types of wooden sash windows services.

We have a look at what our most popular services generally cost and which factors might affect their price. Please use these as helpful guidelines rather than set in stone prices.

We simply wanted to help any new potential clients with rough ideas of prices either for our service or what they can expect for other companies.

If anything, they work well as ballpark figures if you have no idea how much various sash windows services should cost.

Small reformation service

A lot of our reformations fall into the ‘small reformations service’ bracket. This is fir when you just need one or two things reforming with your window and the rest of it is alright.

Basically, you would get this service if a full restoration didn’t make sense (even though you get an added 5 year warranty) but some parts of your window need reforming.

We can fix just about every part of your sash window. Here are some general prices.

Sash windows we renovated in central London

The cost of sash window cord reform

Sash window cords are basically the functionality of your windows and what allow them to slide as they so classically do.

You’ll need your cords to be working well if you want smooth functioning sash windows.

The cost of sash window cord reform is generally between £150 – £300 per window and dependent on the type of window you have.

The cost of draught proofing sash windows

A draught proofing service is useful for all of us good people based in London. It will help you in three ways.

Firstly, you can get rid of any rattle caused by draughts getting through your windows. Rattles sound terrible.

Secondly, you can get rid of the draught itself, letting in cold and icy wind into your property. And thirdly, especially relevant to London, is that you can reduce noise pollution if you get your windows correctly draught proofed.

Prices for draught proofing a window in London from our service are generally in the £300 – £500 range per sash window. Again, this is dependent on things like the size of your windows.

The cost of glazing reform

We can’t speak for any other company in London that uses anything other than single glazed sashes (like us), but the cost to reform and replace glazing is generally £200 – £600 per window.

Again, size and thickness of the glazing is what is going to be the biggest determinant of price for your glazing reforms.

Cost to remove rotten timber

You might have rotten timber in either your sills, the sashes themselves or the frames that your sashes sit within. The reformation is going to vary from window to window.

We might need to replace your whole sill, or splice in some wood to one of the sashes after getting rid of the rot. It’s just going to depend.

The cost of removing rotten timber for your sash window is generally going to cost in the £200 – £400 range per window depending on the amount of rot and work involved.

Total renovation service

As you can see, a lot of these services are going to cost a decent amount of money considering they’re just solving one problem (when you might have multiple problems, or at least multiple lurking problems).

Our total renovation service offers you a complete reformation combined with a five year warranty to protect your reforms against further damage.

The other smaller and singular reform can’t offer this as we would have to guarantee your window won’t be damaged when solutions other craftsman provided would have to not effect what we did.

Occasionally we can guarantee a part of your window with a warranty, but it just depends on which part it is and if it is possible. These kinds of details can be discussed during your free quote.

So yes, full refurbishment for your sash windows is generally going to cost £800+ depending on the type of windows you have, how big they are, how much work needs doing and so on.

It’s basically a way of getting brand new windows (that look and work as completely new), while retaining the value that classic timber windows hold and perhaps even saving compared to buying new sash windows to be installed.

Double glazed sash windows

The cost of double glazed sash windows is going to be a big cost for you. We don’t install or modify sash windows to be double glazed because we don’t think they are necessary.

Sash windows were never created to withstand the additional weight that comes with double glazing. Therefore, the cost is generally burdened to you when your double glazed units (DGU’s) fail within five years.

We want long lasting solutions a window failing within 5 years of modifying or installing it is not our idea of longevity.

Another thing to think about is that, when modifying your window to be able to hold the additional weight will often mean removing valuable parts of your window… you have a sash window that will keep having reoccurring problems AND the value has decreased because you have routed the old timber out of it, for example.

Let’s not even go there about triple glazed sash windows…!

The cost of those would probably be even higher than that double glazed sash windows… We don’t recommend them but there will be another sash windows company in London that will do double or triple glazed windows for you should you really need them.

Sash windows fully renovated and repaired

How much does it cost for new wooden sash windows?

Our new wooden sash windows massively vary in price. We do tiny sash windows that cost as low as £500 (these are generally pretty rare), or we do really large sash windows that have cost into the high thousands.

The average price is around £1,000 – £1,200 per wooden sash window though.

The price of your sash window replacements is going to depend on multiple factors.

These might include:

The thickness of your glazing. Generally, we don’t do double glazing, but a sash window that has glass that is 7mm thick is going to cost more than glass that is 5mm thick. This price will be magnified depending on the size of you window. A 7mm thick glazed window could still cost less than a 5mm thick glass window is the 5mm glazing is a metre long. You get the idea.

The size of the window is probably the largest factor of cost involved in sash windows. The size is going to determine how many materials are needed for your windows. Materials are the most expensive part of a window. A sash window that is 1m x 1m is going to cost far less than a sash window that is 3m x 3m. You’ll need more wood, you’ll need more glass, more putty, more epoxy, more everything frankly.

Type of wood. The type of wood you have for your sash windows is going to impact the cost. We have a range of woods available to pick from depending on what you want for your sash windows. Perhaps you want a long lasting wood, maybe you want our cheapest hardwood, maybe you want our most cost effective sash windows wood we use. All the options are there.

How the sash window should be made is also a significant price factor. If your property is part of a conservation area, or protected by building regulations – your sash windows might have to be a certain specification. This means that the law is going to determine the size, shape, colour, materials and so on. As such, we’ll have to create windows to set specifications, which could take longer than if we made them through one of our more simple systems. More hours might be needed to make the windows to fit the specifications. We might have to order in particular parts and additions to the window.

Bespoke windows might cost less for this reason. The design might be bespoke, but it could be far more cost effective than trying to make exact replicas and sash windows of those natures. Either way, the price will become clear after you let us know about your project and the work involved.

Window installation cost isn’t a factor as we always include it within our initial quote. Materials and creating the window is generally what costs us the most money in terms of time and energy.

a sash window replacement completed for a homeowner


It’s important to really consider sash window reconstruction before jumping straight to new windows.

Key points to remember are:

If you have old, classical sash windows, not everyone can say this about their property.

Yes, having new sash windows installed will also be valuable, but having a window that is 150 years old (that has been fully restored through our sash windows reform service is even more valuable). You can’t get certain parts of these old windows back and that’s why they cost more.

A quick example would be the timber.

You can’t get the timber you have on your windows now as… we don’t have timber from 150 years ago ready to make windows with again!

The other key consideration is that a sash window reform, even a full renovation (where your sash windows look as if they’re completely brand new and the functionality all works seamlessly) might still cost less than a replacement sash window.

The reason for this is that we have to produce less materials. It’s much easier fixing an existing (albeit damaged) window than it is creating a completely new window.

The window in disrepair will still have most of the timber, glass that doesn’t need replacing and other aspects that are going to cost.

Put it this way, when reforming a window, you might just be adding in 10% worth of new timber, adding a couple of panes of glass, removing some rot, adding putty and so on.

You aren’t supplying a whole window’s worth of materials, you’re simply replacing and reforming from the bulk that is already there.

You’d make a massive error if you got replacement windows while your windows are still valuable.

You could not only overpay for new replacement sash windows in comparison to just getting your current windows fixed, but you could also be losing a valuable asset to your property.

Get multiple quotes from different sash windows experts to avoid this happening.

One company might be totally honest in saying they aren’t comfortable trying to reform your current windows, and suggest a replacement, whereas another company (like ours) might be certain that a reform is possible.

You pay less for the total replacement, you get a five year warranty and you keep your windows which are years and years old. Win win!

Fixing your wooden sash windows yourself

We wouldn’t really recommend this.

Plenty of people call us asking for advice but we don’t really want to give out advice on a topic that we feel should really take you years to properly get to grips with.

If you fancy yourself as a handyman, you probably will still have trouble trying to reconstruct a sash window. There’s a reason that people pay professionals.

Even builders and joiners hire sash windows specialists when working on projects involving these classic timber windows.

We know of people that have bought sash window replacement kits from places like Home Depot and have gone at it alone – the results usually aren’t favourable.

At the worst, these people call us in and there’s even more disrepair to dix. They’ve wasted their time, their energy and now money too as we have to fix the additional problems they made.

The cost of trying to reform or replace your windows yourself using some sort of kit and limited knowledge is going to be higher than the cost of simply calling in an expert first time anyway.

So if you want to add some elegance to your household in London then a wooden sash window can do just that you can buy from our service in London.