Sash Windows London are your local to London, family run sash windows craftsman with a keen focus on quality and restoration.

Our skilled craftsman make excellent savings for our clients through being able to make reforms where others opt for costly replacements for you.

Restoration is our bias and that is the basis of our whole service.

Sure, we can make replacements when repair is no longer viable (your windows no longer retain much value / they’re too damaged to be reformed / replacements simply make more sense).

Please get in touch if you have any London wooden sash windows needs. With our bias for reform over costly replacement, you can be sure that you’ll be getting a combination of sash window value retention, savings from avoiding replacement and, if you want your whole window restoring (which includes a 5 year warranty, a brand new looking window.

We offer every single potential client a free quotation folioing a free site visit. We can discuss your needs, what you want from your windows, how long you’d like them to ask, what your budget is and so on.

Only one of the team will come to your property as a salesman simply wouldn’t know how to effectively price a sash windows project. They’re old, complex windows that take years to master.

Master is the keyword here. There are plenty of builders, carpenters and joiners that can probably reform your windows.

However, you’re going to need to hire a proper, professional, sash windows focused company if you want your window looking like they are completely new.

a property we carried out sash window repairs on

Area coverage

Covering most the entirety of London, no matter where you are, we’ll be happy to provide a quote and advice on the project you’re thinking of starting.

We have a base close to the centre of London, but like to complete most projects on site to avoid travelling to and fro.

With our team of 6 craftsman based in and around different parts of central London, we’re able to take on projects in North London, East London, South London and West London. We always say: if the project is worth it, we’ll go anywhere! We’ve traveled as south as Bristol and as North as Nottingham for suitable projects.

Clients we serve:


Our clients usually fit into three categories. Firstly is general repairs for homeowners.

These sash windows reforms could be small, relatively easy and quick repairs (e.g. fixing a sash lock, reconstructing a sash cord, draught proofing a window, replacing a rotting sill and so on) all the way through to our full restoration service (making the window ‘brand new’ again).


The second type of client usually has 10/20+ more sash windows that need reforming or replacing and requires more of our teams’ efforts.

These projects can be up to 50+ windows and take several months to complete. Usually, these buildings are protected by building laws and regulations meaning that we have to adhere to strict rules for how the windows look.

The standards could be the design, materials, amount of glazing, amount of sashes, type of security locks, colour and so on. Throughout the year, we complete several of these large projects while serving homeowners in-between.

Bypassing building laws and regulations in never an issue for us. Our craftsman can work to exact specifications and we’re used to the pernickety rules by now.

We’re never been red flagged for the sash windows work we do and welcome the specificity of working on private, manor type properties.


Commercial clients are our least frequent and we attest this to there simply being less commercial clients than homeowners and private clients needing their properties renovating.

Largely, a commercial sash windows project is going to be just like either a homeowner sash window project of a private/larger property sash window project. Commercial windows are priced exactly how we price other clients and are more than happy to work within a business.

We hold no bias between any of these different clients. All are welcome and all are enjoyed with equal amounts of effort put into any project we undertake.

Our two main sash window services

Our sash windows reforms service is split into two essential services. Virtually every sash window reconstruct falls into either category. Simply get in touch if you need one of them!

Our simple reforms service 

This service is for people that just need one or two simple repairs to their sash windows.

You might have had sash windows 5/6 years ago and now the security locks are starting to become rigid and stiff. Obviously not favourable, you can call us in to fix your security locks to make sure they’re working effectively.

Other examples could be: 

  • Your glazing might have cracked. 
  • The functionality of your sash windows might be sticky and not working. 
  • Your timber is starting to have rot set into it. 
  • Your sills are looking worn and weathered. 
  • The paintwork is starting to look tattered and think your timber will be at risk without its protection.  
  • Your windows let a nasty draught through gaps and imperfections of your window.

These examples could go on and on. The premise stays the same.

If you need ‘some’ reconstructs but you don’t need the whole sash window renovating – you can use our simple reform service to get your window working well again.

Generally, this is like maintenance work and to keep your window functioning well without needing a whole renovation. 

A window that underwent a full sash window restoration

What is the cost of a small sash window reform service? 

So, these small reforms aren’t generally that expensive. Although we will bring expert sash windows skills to each reconstruction, these can generally be taken care of within a few hours / half days. 

The cost of a small sash window reform will generally start at about £200 and could be as high as £600+ (again, dependent on the service).

The small reforms don’t have a warranty as you will understand that we cannot provide a warranty for your window when we are only working on one or two aspects of your sash window.

The full reconstruction service does offer a warranty as we have control over ensuring the window as a whole won’t fail.

Occasionally, we can offer warranties on singular aspects of your sash window that we reconstruct but this isn’t a definite as parts of a sash window we haven’t dealt with could cause the reforms we made to break.

All this will be discussed up front during our free site visit and quotation. 

When the price starts to creep above the £600+ mark it might be worth considering a whole restoration of your windows.

Every part of your window will be restored (sashes and frame reconstructed, paintwork re-done, protective epoxy added, draught proofed, functionality repaired, sash cords and pulleys reformed, putty replaced, security refitted, glazing repaired, rot removed, fully decorated)… And the list goes on.

This way, you get the full renovation (window will look and work like it’s brand new) for a similar amount that just ‘some’ reforms might have cost, then you also get a 5 year warranty with your sash windows.

The full restoration service for your Sash Windows in London

This service is the one for you if you have windows in need of a full overhaul.

When replacement is too costly and just making some small reforms will result in disrepair in the coming years anyway, it probably makes sense to get your sash window completely restored.

Aspects of your window that are reformed during a full renovation:

The sashes

  • Paintwork stripped.
  • Replace beads.
  • Install draught proofing.
  • Remove rot and replace with hard timber.
  • Splice in wood to remove blemishes.
  • Epoxy primer.
  • Fully decorated.
  • And more.

The frame

  • Paintwork removed.
  • New weather blocking primer added.
  • Functionality restored.
  • Replace anything no longer working.
  • Epoxy filler used to remove blemishes.
  • Sash cords and pulleys repaired.
  • Security locks added.
  • Fully decorated.
  • And more.


Windows that undergo our full restoration service come with a 5 year warranty – even if they hadn’t been touched for 50 years before our restorations are fully comprehensive.

Anything not working is reformed or replaced, everything is redecorated, all functionality is fixed and modernised (while retaining the value of your timber). Essentially, all bases are covered and your new shiny windows are like they are brand new!

Most clients opt for this service as they are effectively getting new windows, retaining the heritage and value of their current windows, all with a healthy warranty on top.


The cost of a full restoration service

As usual, the price is going to vary depending on how much work your full restoration needs.

Generally, prices start from £800+ and, as mentioned, you’ll be under a 5 year warranty.

These prices do vary though as sash windows massively vary. You get windows with 20 panes of glass in them, you get small sash windows, large sash windows and so forth. It takes a full day to reconstruct a sash window, normally at least.

sash windows replacement with shutters


Do I actually want my sash windows reconstructed or should I just get new replacement sash windows?

Without knowing the industry like proper sash windows tradesman do, it can be hard to know whether you should be going for replacements or reconstructs.

We encourage people to get multiple quotes. It’s not uncommon for people to approach us for a sash window replacement quote. We get to the property and ask them why they aren’t considering reforms.

They say that the last tradesman said they wouldn’t bother and that replacement would be more suitable.


More suitable for the tradesman, sure. However, there could be multiple reasons that you would want your windows reformed over replaced. Then there are instances that replacements make more sense for you.

We look at the windows and deem they would be repairable by our team. We present the case and options to the client and they would much rather have their windows renovated rather than completely replaced.

Retain value

Simply getting rid of your old, classic, heritage timber windows can be a costly mistake. Not everyone can boast that the windows at their property are hundreds of years old.

They are a real value point to your property and make it worth more. Sure, new sash windows would also be worth something, but not as much as classic sash windows. Often, you can’t get the wood that was used back then, so a lot of value is held within the timber itself.

Less expensive

Generally speaking, a reconstruct is going to cost a lot less than a full replacement sash window. Why? Because a full replacement simply requires the purchasing of more materials.

When restoring a sash window, most of the timber is there and we’ll probably just be adding in pieces of wood to fully restore it.

When creating a whole new sash window, we have to supply all the timber, all the glass… everything. So there is simply more materials and therefore more costs involved for you.

Avoid the double hit

Don’t be ‘double hit’ by a lazy sash windows tradesman that is happy to prescribe a full replacement as the solution to your damaged sash windows.

Get an additional quote, especially if you think there’s a good chance that your windows can actually be fixed.

The double hit is: you’ll pay more for a replacement than you would have for a reconstruct, and on top of that, your windows have decreased in value! You could have paid less for the reform and retained the value of your classic timber windows…

Replacements service

Replacements aren’t all bad though.

There is certainly a time and place for them and we are always making replacement sash windows when reform isn’t an option or someone simply wants to add sash windows to their property when they had UPVC plastic windows before.

Generally, if your windows will no longer retain much value (excess rotting meaning the timber isn’t worth anything, too many reconstructs to be completed within your budget and so on), then replacement could make more sense than a reform.

It’s not great to let your windows get to the point of irreparable. It’s important to have maintenance checks on your windows.

Your tradesman should let you know a suitable timescale you should get maintenance repairs depending on where your windows are (e.g. in Brighton you would need them more, especially if you have sea facing windows).

If you don’t, you’ll eventually lose your heritage windows and have to get new replacement sash windows.

We carry out two main replacement sash windows services:

Sash windows for conservation areas / protected / listed properties

Firstly is sash windows made to exact specifications to fit in with building laws and regulations.

If you were not already aware, a lot of buildings are ‘protected’ by building laws meaning that you can’t change things about the sash windows you have. This might mean that your sash windows have to be made to an exact specification when reformed.

As already mentioned, we have no problem working to specification and plenty of our private/larger property clients are protected by these laws. We thrive under working with strict rules.

Bespoke sash windows

The second are bespoke replacements.

These can be created when there are no barriers as to what we can do. You can tell us as many requirements for the window as you like, or few.

We can come up with designs, styles and materials that suit what you’re trying to achieve with your property and so on.

Either replacement service is welcomed.

We have the team, workshop, tools, materials and time to create bespoke windows for you.

How much are sash window replacements?

Sash window replacements generally start from around £1,000+ per window.

It’s going to vary depending on the size of your window but this is a rough idea of the cost.

You might have a tiny sash window that only costs £700, or you might have a massive sash window needed costing multiple thousands.

Most starting at £1,000 per window gives you a good feel of the ball park figure for a sash window price, though.

Get your sash windows reformed or replaced

Just get in touch with our excellent team if you want to start a sash windows project.

We can begin to advice you on your next best steps depending on your requirements and, of course, arrange a free site visit and free quote.

Our team are always professional, friendly, kind and courteous over the phone.

We’ll help where possible, or it might just be that we can provide the most assistance once we’ve visited your property, heard your plans for the project and seen everything for ourselves.

Either way, call or email in and we’d love to be your go to London sash windows team of choice!