Sash Window Repair West London

Our sash window repair company covers West London and all nearby locations. We are a family run, customer focused, professional and friendly service. The areas we are typically serving in West London are Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith, and Fulham.

Our main bias is in restoring sash windows using the best techniques, materials and tools. Unlike many other London based sash windows services, we understand the importance of maintaining sash windows in your property.

Wooden sash windows can hold a lot of value for a home (especially if from the Victorian/Georgian/Edwardian time period), cost less to repair than replace and can make a property look incredible.

Please feel free to call our friendly team to arrange a free quotation.

We’ll arrange a suitable time for you and provide you with a full site survey, followed by a written quotation breaking down the work and costs involved.

sash window repair we completed

Repair or replacement?

The first question to ask yourself if your sash windows are in a state of disrepair is: do you need a repair or a completely new replacement? What are the pros and cons, and why?

Overall, repair is mostly going to be your best bet. 80% of our work is restoring and renovating sash windows that were made a very long time ago and have been repaired every couple of decades or so.


Because many old sash windows’ hardwood cannot be easily retrieved. You can’t simply get the wood that is found in old sash windows from a factory in the area. So that’s one reason, the value of old sash windows is higher than new sash windows due to the materials being rarer and costing more.

Two types of replacement 

The other main factor that you would mostly want repair is that a repair is likely to cost you less than it would to create a whole new window. There are two types of window you might need. Firstly is a sash window made to follow building regulations and laws.

The law states that many homes have to match their old sash windows if they need new windows. This would mean making new windows to a set specification (certain dimensions, materials and so on).

The other type of reason that could be made is a bespoke sash window. This would mean creating a window to fit your home, the design, the style etc..

Even if you aimed to have the price low, a whole new window is probably going to cost more than a repair as you’re simply buying more materials and more Labour. With a sash window repair, a lot of the materials are already there to work with and build on.

When sash window repair is no longer the best option…

Sash window repair is usually going to be your best bet. You retain the value of your old, classic timber windows and you pay less than you would for a full replacement.

However, sash window replacement becomes a better option when the repair will cost a lot more than a repair would. Usually, the value of these kinds of windows is lower on average compared to other sash windows from a similar era.

The fact that a replacement would cost less than a repair suggests that the window is really in dire straits and therefore there is probably a lot of rot and disrepair.

Therefore, there probably isn’t a lot of value in the window anyway. So, a replacement might make more sense in this instance.

It’s worth mentioning here that your sash windows should last an extremely long time if maintained correctly. Your last craftsman should have given you a maintenance plan to take care of this.

A repair and renovation we completed in West London


How do you know if your sash windows need to be replaced or they can actually be repaired?…

The easiest way to find out would be to pick up a few quotes from sash windows experts and see what the general consensus is.

There is no ‘manual’ or sash windows guide to repairing windows, so it will be at the tradesman’ discretion as to if he thinks he can repair your windows or not. Getting multiple quotes will tell you if you need repair or replacement.

Our service is skilled – we can find repairs where other craftsman can’t. We’re also interested in restoration, so if your windows can be restored, that’s what we want to do.

What you don’t want to happen is: pay for brand new sash windows (more expensive than repair) then also have the loss of valuable windows. This would be like a double loss. You paid more AND you lost something of value.

Our costs for sash windows repair and replacement

As you can imagine from the description above, there are different variations of repairs. We generally split them up into: singular repairs and full restorations.

Singular repairs

Singular repairs is for you if your windows are still in good condition but have an issue with something like the security locks, or perhaps the sash cords need to be fixed so the functionality is a bit smoother.

This service is more like making some fixes to keep your windows working when most of the window still works well.

Full restoration

The other service is our full restoration service. This is for you if you want the benefits of our 5 year warranty. We can’t guarantee your windows won’t break (as a result of our mistake) if we have not looked at the whole window.

This service is higher value as you can be sure that your windows will be good for the next 5 years at least. You could then get a full maintenance service at this point if you wanted to upgrade your warranty.

The full restoration, as expected, renovates the whole window. We have a highly detailed process in ensuring your window is completely repaired. Your windows will return to you as if they were brand new, accompanies by a 5 year warranty.

Double glazed sash windows in London…

We do not really provide a double glazed sash window service in West London or any other area of London that we serve.

Double glazing is not a viable way of keeping sash windows working in our opinion. Most sash windows were created before double glazing even existed, so they can’t withstand the additional weight.

Routing out hardwood to make room for the additional glazing simply destroys your windows and the value they hold through the classic timber.

We believe the cost of double glazed sash windows is massive compared to sticking with single glazed windows and just turning your heating a little higher.

Sash window repair and restoration completed

Draught proofing sash windows

Many clients in West London and other nearby areas require a draught proofing service from us. This is to be expected as draughty windows hold multiple windows.

These are: the cold UK draughts, usually in full effect for at least 6 months of the year.

This is then followed up by noise, all areas of London are notorious for being loud.

The third is rattle. If your windows rattle, they need some work doing to them. We know exactly how to stop draughts in sash windows.

You can either use our full restoration service where everything is repaired (including draught proof being installed) or a singular repair – we can simply draught proof your windows and perhaps one or two other repairs.

a house with new sash window replacements

Our Sash Window Repair Coverage in West London

Although we are based in West London, we will travel anywhere outside if the sash windows project is good enough. The typical areas we complete sash window repairs in West London are Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow and Richmond upon Thames.