Sash Window Repair South London

We’re a traditional sash window repair company that ensures South London locals have the best quality at an affordable cost. We serve the following districts (and many more): Southwark, Lambeth, Bankside and Greenwich.

This isn’t word play, the whole service is based around these two words and nothing else really. The team comprises of 6 skilled craftsman, with the company existing for just over a decade now.

Our workshop is kitted out with all the equipment and tools we could ever need to match the amount of demand we receive year after year.

We have a couple of bases throughout London and our South London team primarily deals with the demand that comes out of South London. Sometimes we can extend to other areas of London and areas just outside of London, but generally we’re working in areas like Greenwich, Brockley, Lewisham etc.

Keep reading to see why you should choose us if you’re interested in getting a sash window repaired in London.

Although we can carry out any basic, singular repairs, we’re more well known for our full restoration work.

A common theme throughout this website is restoration (and quality).

When you want a full sash window repair, we are the company to call.

When we restore a window, it looks like you’re bought a brand new window. This is the standard we maintain.

So, other companies might be on our level, but certainly you can’t repair a sash window to a higher standard than us. We’ll get functionality working to a really high level and the windows will look immaculate.

As you’ll see later, we serve the residential market, large private homeowners who have to work within building regulations and the occasional commercial project.

Here’s what you’ll read throughout this page:

  • How we formulate our excellent repairs
  • The cost of our sash window repairs
  • Who we serve
  • The areas we cover
  • Sash windows services we don’t partake in
  • Our manufacturing service

Property in South London that we renovated all of the sash windows from

How we repair sash windows

We won’t go into maximum detail here on how we repair a sash window and might save that for a blog post down the road, but we’ll give you the rough outline below :

  • Prepare the workplace. Make sure that everything around the windows can’t be damaged.
  • Remove the sashes from (upper/lowerbeads)
  • Restore the sashes (remove excess paint, fix blemishes, putty, reinforce joints, fix glazing, decorate etc.)
  • Restore the frame. A similar restoration process as to the sashes. Splice in hardwood. Remove rot. Epoxy primer. Remove failed paint. Fix sash cords and pulleys. Fully decorate. Place security features in.
  • Reassemble the window. We rehang the sashes on the new cords, add the beads that have been draught proofed and add the locks and limiters.

The cost of our sash windows services 

People always press us for rough costs of our services so we will do it here. Everyone knows that the cost ‘will depend’ so we don’t want to simply write that. It would be far too easy. We could also list the problems and what they’re likely to cost but we would probably be here all day.

So let’s look at the rough prices of repairs and replacements.

Repairs: For sash window repairs, some repairs might be as cheap as ~£200 for something like a cord pulley repair. For total overhauls, you’re looking at £800+

Replacements: For sash window replacements, brand new windows, you’re looking at anything from ££1k+. Making sash windows for anything less isn’t sustainable.

It takes a whole day to repair or create a brand new sash window. As you can see from our brief description above, our service is comprehensive and consistent.

Consistency creates quality.

So we consistently work on proper restoration and we get quality restoration, every time. With us, you know you’ll be paying for something that will last and look amazing.

Another consideration is that our windows, if completely repaired or completely repaired, come with a 5 year warranty.

If our windows have failed through fault of ours (and we’re more than happy to accept this for the sake of correct restoration), we’re more than happy to repair what we have not made right in the first place. This goes for materials and the hours required to repair the window.

a single sash window we repaired for a homeowner

Our Sash Window Repair Clients in South London

Our service generally helps three types of clients.

Residential customers. First and most regularly is sash window repairs for homeowners in London. These restoration jobs tend to have 5/6 windows or less.

As there are so many properties in London with so many sash windows, it’s not surprising that these projects comprise of most of our hours invested on a weekly basis. The service for residential properties includes all of our services like: repairs, replacements and draught proofing.

Larger, private residential customers. The second type of client we work for are those with large, protected by conservation law, private properties.

Generally, these window projects are 10+ and sometimes as many as 50 for a single project. We love projects like these and usually have between 3-5 going each year with the smaller projects filling in time between. See images of some of the larger projects we’ve done over the years throughout the site.

Clients trust us with their expensive properties because they want quality and price is less of an issue. They know that paying a little less now is going to cost them a lot in the future, so they opt for our quality focused restoration approach.

Commercial customers. Lastly is commercial customers. As there are less businesses than there are homes, it’s normal for us to have few business clients than home owner clients.

We’re more than happy to serve the commercial market though and are always intrigued to meet other businesses. Be the project small or large, you can rely on our team to produce fantastic repairs at a suitable cost.

Which areas does your service cover?

Our South London base covers the majority of our sash window work. Really, we will travel anywhere if the job is worth travelling to.

The most western area we will generally quote residential sash windows works at is Bracknell. The most southern we will travel for sash windows work is probably Guildford, although we would consider going more southern if the project was suitable for our schedules and preferences.

Plenty of sash window jobs are completed in Clapham. Then plenty of sash window projects are carried out in Brockley and Hackney each year.

No matter where you are in London, we would just say to call us if you have a project.

Although we might not be close enough or have the availability to help you out, we could begin with some free advice over the phone for the project you’re thinking of completing. Our team is always happy to help when it comes to sash windows and restoration.

Are there any sash windows services you don’t do?

There are a few. We don’t get involved with anything made of plastic, so you won’t be able to get any UPVC sash windows from us or any of our London bases. Classic timber is all we’re interested in, not plastic or any other temperamental materials. Our service is all about restoration and longevity. There is no restoration or longevity in UPVC plastic, even the sash windows variety. You will find most other companies in and around the London area that will do UVPC windows and UPVC sash windows should you have a burning desire to them installed.

The other popular sash window service we won’t carry out is… Well, we should write a full section for it because people are always puzzled when we tell them we don’t carry out this service. Read on!

sash windows project completed with shutters


Why we don’t believe double glazed window align with our restoration vision

We are involved in the sash windows trade because we care about keeping these ornate windows alive throughout London and England. Not least that we love practicality, joinery and decorating. These aspects are encompassed through sash windows. Also, sash windows are really unique. There are loads of great things about them. Again, we are interested in restoration and keeping these windows alive.

So yes, double glazing does not lineup with our quality and restoration process. Why is this? We just don’t see how you can make double glazed sash windows. Again, why?

Well, sash windows were not designed to hold double glazing. Sash windows were created before double glazing was ever available, so their whole concept is based around carrying glazing that is usually half the weight to that of a double glazed sash window.

If you didn’t know sash windows work through a manual pulley and cord system – they aren’t like modern UPVC windows. UVPC window were not around then either.

The max thickness we will have for a glass pane is 7mm. Any thicker and the window isn’t going to last any longer than 5 years.

Our guarantees are all against a 5 year period, so it’s telling that we won’t install double glazed sash windows. We were burnt multiple times back when we first started some ten years ago when all of our double glazed windows were failing.

Just because they can command a higher price does not mean that we are interested in selling them. We are interested in RESTORATION!

It’s one thing buying new sash windows as double glazed. We expect they will fail in some way within the first 5 years, probably, and definitely within the first 10 years. New double glazed sash windows should last longer than modified double glazed sash windows.

Modifying single sash windows to double glazed sash windows will be a massive mistake. In order to make the windows strong enough to be able to hold the additional weight, a lot of the classic timber will need to be taken out.

If you’re fortunate enough to have those rare windows that are hundreds of years old, from the Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian era, the timber in your windows is what is holding a lot of the value. The more of this wood that your route out of the window, the less of a window you have from that time period. Your windows will drop in value.

Again, double glazed windows are going to fail within 5 years and definitely 10 years, especially with modified windows that were never designed to hold the additional weight. A window failing within 5 years of carrying out a full restoration service on it is not our idea of quality restoration. We’re after lasting, quality, aesthetic repairs.

What can you do instead?

Other sash windows companies in London will provide you with double glazed windows if you still think it’s a good idea. It might be that some companies have created an exception double glazed sash window that lasts a bit longer than usual and you’re happy to have them maintaining it etc. … But we haven’t really seen it before.

We have, however, seen plenty of tradesman install double glazed sash windows all over London because they can charge a higher premium. Better yet for these slinging cowboys is that they can be the team that get called when something malfunctions!

Our recommendation would be to avoid double glazed sash windows, especially trying to change current single paned sash windows into double glazed.

Sure, if you’re confident in the company you’re speaking to can definitely keep your sash windows going for decades, go for it. Our recommendation would be to go single glazed, pay a little extra on your heating (a well draught proofed window won’t let out much heat anyway) and think of the ‘additional’ expense on energy as money saved.

If you get double glazed windows that just keep failing, you’ll have to pay for a full overhaul or you’re going to need brand new sash window replacements anyway. In our opinion, double glazed windows are going to cost you for sure, so having your heating up a few notches throughout the year will cost you far less in money, time and headaches.

Will you act as joinery/sash window manufacturers for other companies?

We can act as sash window manufactures for other companies as we have the team, workshop and tools to create bespoke sash windows to order.

If you’re reading this as a builder, sash windows tradesman or an avid DIY’er, get in touch to see our availability for sash windows we can create for you.

If your property is protected by conservation laws, show us what we need to create and our joiners can create exact replicas of the dimensions, style and materials of the windows you need creating.

Passing building laws is never a problem for us. We’ve done it too many times and can bypass regulations with relative ease.

In the same vein, if you’re after a bespoke sash windows, give us as many details as you want and we can create the windows to order. It might be that you have a certain time period in mind, materials and dimensions and want us to figure out the rest. Sure. Again, just let us know what the specifications are (or aren’t) and we can make your sash windows work. Pick from virtually any paint colour finish. Pick the level of security you want on the windows.

Our workshop can take a relatively high demand of windows. As our team is often in other parts of London working on large jobs, so just get in touch to start an order with us. If you need a team to install the windows you need, we have the capability to cover most portions of London as long as it’s the right project.

Any given month we will be working on sash window repairs in South London at the start of the month, then take 10 sash windows over to a home in outside of the city at the end of the month. We’re happy to travel for the right work!