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We are your one stop solution for all of your sash window repair needs in North London. Serving areas like Hackney, Enfield, Camden and many more.

Please feel free to get in touch with our helpful, polite and professional team. We can begin to give you advice from the first call before arranging a free quotation at your property.

You will find that our craftsman (who will carry out the free site survey and quote) are also polite and friendly.

We love sash windows and our company focus is on restoration and quality.

We would be the best company to go to for all of your sash windows needs in North London (and nearby areas).

Please read on to understand more about our services, how we price our sash windows services and why we no longer offer double glazed sash windows (hint, they do not fit with our company goal: restoration!)

fully repaired sash windows for a homeowner


Our two main sash windows services:

We have two main services as you would expect form sash window craftsman. The first and most common service we provide is a repair and restoration service.

Our company is all about restoration of lovely, classic sash windows. So, our focus is on repair.

Plenty of sash windows outfits are happy to quote for repairs galore.

It means more money for them, less headache (there is no manual for sash window repairs, the repairs made are what the craftsman sees as most suitable for the problem) and something that can be easily rationalised by customers.

Our service isn’t like this. Repair and restoration is our priority, always, unless a replacement makes more sense for you. Restoration first, always!

Small Sash Window repairs

So first we have small repairs. This service is mostly for if you just have one or two things that need repairing.

Maybe you need new paintwork. Maybe your joints need strengthening. Maybe your security latches have failed and need replacing.

Either way, this service is for you if one or two things of your window need repairing but you don’t quite need a full renovation service.

These small repairs don’t fall under our warranty guarantee, which is 5 years long. Only complete restorations and totally new replacement sash windows can be protected by our warranty.

Obviously, this is because we will be working on the whole sash window and can therefore accept liability for the whole thing working as expected.

We love being able to offer a warranty against our materials and labour as it shows new clients our confidence in delivering a restoration focussed service.

If your windows fail (through a fault of ours), we WANT to be the team to restore them back to full health.

Full restoration and Repair of your Sash Windows in North London

Full restorations are if your windows have multiple problems (more than just a small repair). We’re constantly doing these jobs in and around North London. This is the service if your windows seem to have rot, the security isn’t working so well, the functionality is getting worse and worse, you need draught proofing, the paint looks weathered and so on.

We take your windows through a detailed repairs process that sees every single part of the window completely repaired.

This is how we are able to offer a five-year warranty against any full sash window repairs. The whole process can be controlled by the team and therefore we can accept responsibility for your sash windows functioning correctly.

We strip your window down, meaning we remove the sashes from the staff beads that hold them in place.

We then restore the sashes, meaning we take out any rot, splice in any hardwood where your wood has failed, replace any putty that is no longer working, install draught proofing, reinforce and strengthen your joints, fix any glass damage and generally replace anything that is no longer working.

The sashes are then finished with primer and are decorated

Then we work on the frame of your sash windows. The same sort of process is carried out.

The whole of the frame is restored, from splicing in hard wood, filling holes, repairing broken pulleys and sash cords if necessary. Then we decorate the window and apply weather resistant finishes.

Finally, we combine the sashes and the frame ready for installation. The draught proofing is installed and everything should be working well at this stage.

The service is far more complex than as described above, but we wanted to give our clients a feel for what they will get when we complete a full restoration.

Again, your windows are protected by a 5 year warranty so you can expect that we cover every single base when completing a full restoration service.

two sash windows repaired and decorated

Should I get repairs or a replacement?

Repairs are our focus. Repairs are generally better for clients for two reasons:

First, your sash windows, especially if they’re hundreds of years old, probably a retain a lot of value. This means the value of your property increases. Getting rid of valuable windows when they could be repaired by skilled craftsman like ourselves would be a massive shame.

This is why we always recommend that our clients (and anyone else that thinks they’re decided on another company) should collect multiple quotes.

It would be a mistake to get a sash window replacement service if your windows are valuable and can still be repaired.

The other reason that repair is generally favourable to replacement is because repairs generally cost less than replacements.

This depends on how damaged your windows are though. If your windows are really far gone, replacements might make more sense.

The reason?

Your windows have lost their value (not much left of the windows, too much rot, etc.).

Repairing them would require more labour and resources than simply making brand new windows would take anyway.

Getting replacement windows 

If your windows are not worth repairing, you can look at getting new replacement sash windows made. There are, again, two considerations at this point too.

First, is your building protected by conservation laws that state your property has to follow certain rules about the windows that you install in the property?

Most listed properties and any properties within a conservation area will have to keep their sash windows as they found them. The government wants to protect the country’s historic architecture in buildings. Sash windows are sometimes hundreds of years old.

As such, if you can’t repair the current windows, like for like replacements will have to be created to replace these old beaten up windows.

Our team are experts at making windows to match other designs. This is reasonably common for us as we deal with at least a few extremely large projects each year.

When dealing with a large project, the property is usually protected, meaning that exact replicas have to be made.

If this is the case for you too, we’re completely confident in not facing any repercussions for the windows we make. Our replica service easily bypasses conservation laws.

Bespoke windows

If you don’t need to follow conservation laws, we can make your windows to any sort of design specifications. You can tell us as little or as much as you like about how you want your new sash windows to be.

Our team is 6 guys strong, with a joinery workshop, tools and materials to be able to make any sort of sash window. Just let us know what you want (even if general) and we will be able to create new, excellent sash window replacements!

Our sash window prices

Our sash window repair costs vary dependent on the type of repair you need.

Small repairs really vary from £200 to £750 per window. As repairs start to approach the £1,000 mark, it makes sense to consider our full restoration service.

The full restoration service protects you with a 5 year warranty, so it equates to being a lot higher value.

So yes, the cost of your repair is going to depend on what is broken. Fixing the glazing in a window, for example, is going to cost more than fixing a single security lock.

For a full restoration process, the prices are going to vary again depending on the type of window you have (i.e. the era and age of the sash window), the dimensions of the window (the larger, the more work is probably needed) and so on.

In any case, the prices generally start from £800+ for a full restoration per window. Each window takes one of our craftsman a full day to repair at least!

For replacements, they are usually going to start from around £1,000.

Again, it depends on the type of window you need. Considering the quality each sash window is made with, our prices are extremely competitive in the North London market.

This is why we say that repairs could generally be a better option than new windows. Protect the value of your old windows. Save on buying a new window. Get the warranty anyway.

Get in touch with our team if you’d like our opinion on any prices.

It will be easier to give you a more accurate quote over the phone with more details about your windows.

We can begin to give you advice from your first call until we can make an accurate assessment through a free site survey and quotation.

Glazing / sash window repairs

Glazing repairs can be taken of in either our small or full repair services. It’s fairly common for your glazing to break or crack, so a lot of our repairs involve fixing broken windows.

How much does glass window repair cost? This is going to vary on the type of window you have. Prices are generally going to start at £200 and be as high as £300+.

It just depends on the size and thickness of the glass. This is the cost of a single paned window replacement, not double a glazing repair or replacement.

sash windows totally repaired

Double glazing

Our company does not create or modify single paned sash windows into double glazed sash windows – we believe this would cost our North London clients massively for several reasons.

First is that sash windows were never designed to hold the weight of double glazed sash windows.

So, if you try to modify single glazed sash windows to hold double glazed sash windows, you have to remove plenty of the (valuable) wood that comprises of the window, thus losing value.

More importantly, double glazed windows fail. They can’t take the weight, they’re temperamental and we haven’t found any double glazed sash windows that can survive longer than a five year period.

Early on in our careers, we would create and modify sash windows to be double glazed. All of them failed within 5 years. Now the thickest glass we will use is around 7mm and still offer a warranty with the window.

The fact is, double glazed windows don’t align with our ultimate company goal of: restoration. If the window doesn’t’ last longer than 5 years, that’s not our idea of restoring a window. That’s more of a temporary fix.

If you’re set on getting double glazed sash windows, you could check out a company like Ventrolla, they’re sure to do double glazing.

We just do not feel they work with sash windows or our company vision of restoration.

So if you are in the North London area and in need of sash window repairs but at an affordable cost, get in touch today!