Reawaken Your Property With Sash Windows!

It is almost shocking how prevalent sash window still are these days. We live in a world obsessed with ‘more, more and more’ and cheap as possible.

Windows we are interested in, sashes, are certainly less cheap than modern casement windows. Also, they are harder to mass produce.

However, this is the very reason that sashes have remained a popular choice for people all over the country. Some people still want novelty over convenience and time. And still, a lot of the modern plastic windows’ supposed convenience is not necessarily that convenient.

Plastic windows quickly fade out and die unlike classic timber sashes so a lot of plastic windows’ downsides are sash windows’ upsides.

You can totally repair an old, classic timber window. Completely. We take old beaten up windows and make them look brand new again. All while keeping the hardwood from hundreds of years ago intact. Which, by the way, is much stronger than the wood you find these days. Wood used to be allowed to grow and develop with time. When you split open these old sash windows you can see that the lines in the wood are thick and dense.

These days wood is mass produced so the trees don’t get a chance to thicken. This makes real classic windows far sturdier than even new windows.

Anyway, we have been working with these amazing things for many years now and wanted to document some of the main reasons why they are so popular. Making excellent sash window repairs in London is our passion so we will be writing about them each and every week for next year.

If you do not currently have sash windows this article might be the thing that persuades you to get them! Let’s take a closer look at what makes these windows so special and why they will certainly still be in circulation for many years to come.

Practicality and functionality

It is no secret that the design of these windows was made hundreds of years ago. Not much has changed in the way they work either. Despite the age, the functionality of these windows is still fantastic. Anyone can work them.

The two sliding sashes being on separate channels allows both sashes to slide up and down independently of each other. Due to convection currents this makes for a really smart design. On hot days it allows convention currents to flow. Warm air leaves through the top part of the window while the cool air gets sucked out through the bottom.

These windows are also really easy to clean. If you did not know, many sashes are able to tilt towards you so that the panes, sashes, glazing bars etc. are easily accessible. This means you do not need to be outside to clean the outer parts of your glazing. Not everyone knows how to operate the tilting mechanism but we can show you this.

Removing draughts is relatively easy for sash windows. Plastic windows letting through a draught is going to be a pain. With plastic windows it will just be a case of replacing the whole thing or trying to use a filler. Draught proofing systems can easily be added even to the oldest of windows meaning they can be restored to their former glory.

With care and maintenance – your windows can last for decades. Just take measures like ensuring the outer layers of your window are still strong and stable (for example your paintwork. If your timber is exposed to rain and moisture it is likely that it will rot and need repairs in the future). Even if your window does eventually seem like it has had its day – repairs are probably still possible meaning that you can keep your window.


Sash windows simply scream quality. There is a reason that sashes are always found on important and listed buildings. They are historic and, despite their simplicity, reflect the craftsmanship that went into creating them. Some people opt for PVCu windows as they can be made to look like original sashes. These plastic windows do look similar but upon further inspection they are quite far away from their timber counterparts. The quality is largely in the timber just because of how long it can last, the sturdiness and the ease in which you can repair it.

Something to show off

It is really clear between a window that has installed cheap casement windows compared to a window with well-kept, pristine white sashes. The difference is truly night and day. If you are confident that you will be living in your property for many years to come, sashes are an excellent investment for the aesthetics of your home.

Anytime you pull up to your property you will be proud of it and the beauty sashes bring to your home. In addition to the excellent look, you can enjoy the functionality benefits these windows carry too. Also, the value of your property will increase, especially as sash windows become more and more valuable as each year passes.


These sashes are also a part of our history. The oldest ever recorded sash was to be made in the late 17th century which is obviously extremely old. Having sash windows from the 20th and 19th century is also really common. We do not know when the sash was first designed and created but we do know that these windows have been in circulation for hundreds of years now. Not many things in our architectural world can boast being this old and still retaining so much character, functionality and aesthetic value.





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