I’m In Education But Already Know My Career: Sash Windows!

Still in school too? Perhaps you already know you want to work with sash windows or some other form of carpentry. What a drag! Especially if you are between the age of 11-15. You still have at least 1-5 years left of what seems like a waste of time.

You already know what you want to do after school (carpentry, joinery or work with sash windows).

But instead, you have to keep showing up. You can’t even choose the classes you go to!

If you are feeling hard done by because of this – you aren’t alone. Most people felt this way. We know that we did.

It isn’t fun. Especially if you don’t enjoy school. Most people don’t. No one really wants to be there.

But? You have to be there. We were there too. Before we started our sash window repairs in London company we were also confined to those four walls in classrooms…

When you have to do something, you might as well make the most of it. Or else what will you do? Just moan all the way through? That’s no way to live your life, or at any age!

So what is the advice we would give to anyone still at school? You’re still there even though you know you want to be a tradesman, work with wood, or whatever it might be…?

Our advice is to…

Just endure it!

You are going to have to be there no matter what so you are going to have to endure the process indefinitely.

Don’t be a delinquent, getting kicked out of school and not finishing with any qualifications. You are not doing yourself any favours. No matter how boring, tedious and pointless school seems, just keep showing up until it’s finished. You sort of get left behind if you do that. We think it’s fine to drift at an older age. It’s easier to make money. You can get a job and so on. The only people that get kicked out of school when young can find themselves lost in the world. Especially if you do not have supporting parents.

Here’s a good reason to get through school…


If you really are serious about working with wood as your profession, especially windows, you are going to need to tighten up your skills at college. Instead of all the classes you hate, you are going to focus solely on woodwork, metal work and things you probably enjoy more. Yes, there will still be theory.

Theory will exist in everything forever so this is another thing you are going to have to endure. So stay in school to make sure you get to college where you are a bit older, perhaps you get a side job and earn some money (or you could do an apprenticeship alongside your college course) and life will feel a lot less like school. You could even get a car, move out of your home… Whatever you wanted. But life will surely improve at this juncture if you really do want to work with sash windows.

The other good thing that school does for you is that it trains that ‘just endure’ muscle. Being able to endure something that is unavoidable really is a skill, and like most skills, you will be able to improve it. Staying the course despite not wanting to will give you some discipline that is lacking in most of us in this modern world.

Often in life the person that wins is the more consistent person, or the person that “just keeps showing up”. If you can keep showing up you will be ahead of most of the competition in most of the things you do in life. That goes for health, work and friendships. Keep being consistent. Staying in school will teach you the value of this even though there seems to be no value in it right now.

Again, just make the most of it. Use it as a chance to meet people that are worth knowing. We are still in touch with a few people that we recognised as having potential for the future. Sure enough, the person is running an interesting vegan business from the ground up. We can’t attest to their mushroom burgers yet but good on him.

Endure, build your ‘just do it’ muscle, college/grown up life with freedom is coming soon, make the most of it and make contacts while you are there. You will be fine, just like everyone else.

However, if you are a specific case where you are getting bullied or having some other kind of trouble, seek help in friends, family and professionals. People will want to help for sure.

Another thing you can do is simply make the most of the situation you are in. You will never be in school other than for these short select years of your life. Just make the most of it in anyway you can. Look for classes you can join. Make friends with people that seem cool Look for ways you can make your time out of school more fun so you have something to look forward to.

We found this website with a team of people that finds sash window training course providers. As you can see, there are potential courses going on all over the country. Any of these courses are simply a train journey away. Get the money through working a paper round, asking your parents or

If you are trying to get into the sash windows trade we wish you the best of luck. You can feel free to reach out to us at any time if you want any guidance on the industry. Thanks!






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