Do We Paint Sash Windows Ourselves?

This is a strange question, but we have been asked it multiple times throughout our sash windows adventure.

We assume that people ask due to plenty of building firms outsourcing a task like painting. So, it’s completely understandable to ask and we thought it would be an interesting topic to explain what we do and why.

Now, although we are sort of within the construction industry – we feel that we are in the renovation and restoration industry. Specifically, we are in the sash window repairs in London industry. This is a unique and historic city. People here have high standards for their windows and how their properties look. Construction somewhat encompasses this, but renovation and restoration does not necessarily always encompass construction. It is a sub-tier of construction.

In any case, this makes our life of painting much more important than many builders’ painting tasks. Builders deal with everything from the expensive to the absolutely inexpensive.

Almost every sash windows project is somewhat valuable, meaning that the painting side of things is also really valuable. Most people would assume that we can simply outsource our painting as it’s just an easy and manual task.

However, as you can imagine, sash windows require paint for two absolutely essential parts of their use. These two things are fairly well documented and known, but let’s have a look at them.

The look

The first is ‘the look’. Paint puts the icing on the cake for how your sash windows look to the outside world. Everyone wants that lovely property on their road.

The only real measurements you have are size and appearance.

You can have the best looking shed in the world, but it will still be a shed.

So, as long as you have a fairly sizeable home, things like windows, doors and roofs make all the difference in how your house looks to the outside world.

Sash windows, usually carrying a sleek and clear white look can make your home look absolutely incredible.

Just browse through some of the properties displayed on the website. You’ll quickly realise how much of a difference brand new windows can make to a property.

It’s a testament to how good sash windows look by the fact that they are still used despite the age of the design being hundreds of years old.

Most if not all of classical architecture has been done away with. Sash windows have stood strong! Sure, there are more factors than simply their look (value, functionality etc.), but the look is certainly one factor.

More on the look…

Yep the look is important. But which look should be gone for? Probably the most influential factor on this decision is the colour of the windows you go for. Bright pink windows are going to look vastly different to a subtle white/grey combination. It really just depends on your property and taste.

Most if not all of our clients opt for the classic white as it can combine with virtually anything. But if you’re feeling adventurous, mix it up! We won’t get in the way of any client looking to go with an original colour.

The most adventurous we see is usually other fairly neutral colours, like greys and blues. There are so many colours around your property that you have to think about your windows matching with so you have to be somewhat careful.

Paint’s other primary purpose…

The other primary purpose of paint is to preserve. Paint acts as a strong outer layer for your wood. Wood will be easily destroyed by the elements. Quickly, rot will set in and your timber will be a goner very soon. Paint, especially multiple layers of strong, modern paint will protect your wood from snow and rain.

If you apply the paint incorrectly, cracks will quickly appear in your windows (something we would never want. We want lasting solutions). This means that the windows will need repair a lot quicker than they actually need it.

So as you can tell, sash windows encompass two crucial elements for your property.

This makes us go full circle back to the title of the question. Do we ever outsource painting sash windows? No! Every single aspect of a sash window is so incredibly delicate. When in the renovation and restoration industry, you have to take so much care in your work. We would not want to risk our reputation or any of the work we put out there.

Leaving an essential (yet seemingly not that important on the surface) could be career suicide. Renovation and restoration is about lasting results. Our company ethos of renovation and restoration is a common theme throughout the whole company’s approach. That is that, we want our careers in sash windows to be long and lasting too!

If your paint (or any outer layer of your windows) are wilting and need some tender loving care – just give us a call. You can be certain that we are not outsourcing virtually any part of the process out to an unknown entity.

We don’t necessarily damn other companies that are doing this – but we want as much control as possible within our own processes. Us controlling the process means you will get an excellent final result, every time!




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