Sash Window Repairs London

We are a sash window repairs company serving the whole of London, we can help anyone/any building, from the Houses of Parliament to a homeowner just off the Thames River.

As you’ll come to find, we are interested in two things here. They are: quality and restoration.

Our service is interested in restoring sash windows in London using the best sash repair methods possible. Everything comes second to quality restoration.

We are so interested in restoration that we hold a firm belief of not using double glazed sash windows. We don’t feel that they’re inline with our idea of restoration as they fail within 5 years. We want lasting, effective, restoring solutions.

When you get a sash window renovation from our company – your window will look like it is completely new. Anything less than this and we haven’t done our job correctly; and we always do our job correctly.

Just call us to arrange a free quotation carried out by one of the team. Only one of the craftsman will quote for your project as we want to give advice and

Simply get in touch to arrange a free site visit!

Things we cover on this page are:

  • Why you would want a sash windows repair over a replacement.
  • What to do if renovation is no longer economically/sustainably viable.
  • Our restoration service. We’re certain it’s one of the most comprehensive services in London, and that’s why our windows look brand new (we won’t settle for anything less) when reinstalled at your property.
  •  The cost of our services
  • Our sash window warranty
  • Our emergency sash window service
  • The areas of London our service covers

Sash windows we restored in London

Why would you want to repair your sash windows rather than replace them?

You would want to repair your windows rather than replace them if they are still repairable. This is the first point. There’s no reason to repair a window that is simply beyond repair.

The second reason that you would want to repair a sash window over buying replacement sash windows is because repairing your window will most likely cost less than replacing the whole thing.

The best part about this is repairing your window through a company so interested in restoration like ours is going to mean your window is like brand new anyway.

We restore windows so that they are essentially brand new. Everything is either fixed or replaced, that’s the standard.

The next reason you would choose repair is to protect the value of your windows. Timber windows from hundreds of years ago are going to be more valuable than a window created last week.

Not least because the wood used hundreds of years ago can’t be acquired in a cost-effective way today, so the materials cost more. Getting rid of the timber will mean getting rid of costly materials.

On top of this, you protect the heritage of your property. Not many people can boast having windows that are hundreds of years old.

So you DO need replacement sash windows…

You will need sash window replacements if repair and renovation is no longer economically viable.

Usually this would be because your windows haven’t been correctly maintained and now it would take so much work to restore the window that it probably just makes sense to replace the whole window.

We do not have a cost calculator for whole sash window replacements, repairs or for singular services like glass repair or replacement. It’s far easier for us just to stop by and quote for the service you need.

When you do need sash window replacements, our team has excellent experience in two crucial factors for new windows.

First is creating windows inline with building regulations and laws.

If the law states that you have to have replicas of the windows you have, we’ve done this thousands of times and never have a problem bypassing the strict rules.

Second is if you don’t need a replacement but you are simply installing new sash windows. If you aren’t narrowed by laws and regulations, you might want to pick the style of your windows.

We’ve created, again, hundreds of bespoke sash windows for clients. You can tell us as much or as little about how the window should look and we create something that is full of character, ornate and beautiful.

Our sash window repair process

London Sash Window Repairs LTD did a good writeup about their sash windows repair process. We wanted to do something similar and offer our comprehensive process of repairing sash windows for residential homeowners. London Sash Window Repairs LTD get great reviews, probably because they are so on high on Google and get a lot of business, then carry out the work to a high standard.

We hope to do the same thing by providing a breakdown of what we do, how we do it and who we do it for.

Hopefully you will find the site useful and will demonstrate our knowledge of sash windows and the excellent work we do for our clients.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our 21 part restoration process.

We’ll go into more detail of each stage on another page of the site, but this gives you a good feel of the amount of stages we go through in order to make perfect repairs.

When delivering a sash window back to a client that needs a total overhaul, our standard is for the window to look brand new.

Here’s our guide on how we repair double hung sash windows.

1. The preparation stage. Your property is secured so that nothing can be damaged. Dust and protective sheets are laid down.

2. Next is stripping the window down. This involves removing the sashes from the staff and parting beads. Now we can start to restore the sashes.

3. Restore the sashes. Now we will repair the sashes, fix the broken windows and generally fix anything that is broken like putty, joints, blemishes, draught proofing and decoration. It’s common for home windows to need a lot of these if they haven’t been well maintained.

4. Restore the box and frame (this is what the sashes fit into).

The frame of a sash window isn’t usually well maintained in a lot of homes we visit. We’ll remove rot, treat the wood, get rid of failed paint, add hardwood through splicing, fix the balance, repair the sash window cords and pulleys, fit the security and decorate.

5. Now that both major parts of the window are primed and ready to go, we can put your window back together. We hang the upper and lower parts of the sash on the new repaired cords. Then we add the beads that have draught proof added. Then we fit the locks and limiters to ensure safety and security.

Our sash window costs

The question people always want answers to. How much are your sash window prices? Let’s have a look:

So, the cost to repair a house window, or a commercial businesses window is going to cost the same amount.

A window is a window, so we’ll price various parts of a window the same way simply dependent on the amount of work and materials we need to fix and replace.

Cost of repairs:

The cost of our sash window repair service is going to depend on which repair service you want. If you just want a singular repair, to save costs, like simply repairing the sash cord or the window balances, this is going to cost less than a total overhaul.

We suggest most clients should get a full overhaul if they have multiple aspects of the window that need repairing. You could opt to patch up your window, with problems occurring all the time, or you can go for a full overhaul, pay a bit more and have a warranty against the restoration we’ve completed.

It looks like it will cost more now, which it does (as we invest more hours), but you will simply just be paying more later if you go for the ‘patch up’ route.

Let’s give you a rough idea of repair prices. Depending on which route you take, it’s going to cost between £200 – £1,000 to repair a single sash window. This can really vary depending on your windows, the circumstances and what needs doing to the windows.

Cost of replacements:

When your windows are past the point of repair, you’ll have to opt for replacements. You’ll definitely have to opt for replacements if building laws state that you have to keep the sash windows found in your property.

Another option is opting for UPVC sash windows, but we only work with timber windows, so another company is your best bet if you want UPVC.

A rough idea of window replacement prices is that new windows will almost always cost somewhere from £800+. The specifications of the windows are going to determine the price. What are the materials needed? Are these bespoke windows? Are they going to be exact replicas of the windows that were there before? And the list goes on.

During our site survey, we will go over all the details that will determine the price and elaborate through our quotation.

At the moment we don’t have a cost calculator on our website. It’s probably not something we’ll be adding anytime soon as nothing beats an in person visit and a proper assessment of your windows.

Only one of the team will visit your property in order to accurately gauge how much work needs doing to your windows and what a suitable price will be.

Our warranty for you

Any window that has been fully restored or that we have created as a replacement sash window can fall under our warranty guarantee.

The guarantee is 5 years after we install the window to your property.

There isn’t small print that will help us ‘duck’ out of fixing anything that fails. If your window fails because of a mistake we have made, we WANT to restore the window.

Of course, there are some things we can’t be liable for fixing (things outside of our control or influence), but the exact terms of the warranty can be clarified during our free quote process.

As a general rule of thumb, to be eligible for a warranty from our company – your window needs to be totally restored.

The window either needs to be a brand new replacement, or we need to have completed a total overhaul of your window.

As you’ll understand, we can’t provide a full warranty for a window that we have only replaced the sills of, or simply fixed the glazing of.

This would be putting our warranty against the work of another sash windows tradesman.

This is how confident we are in our restoration process. The process is so sufficient that windows rarely fail. Consistency is key and we’re the most consistent.

A house we renovated the sash windows of in London

Emergency Sash Window Repairs in London

Has your sash windows been damaged to the point of it being dangerous in London?

We offer an emergency sash window repair service.

Windows act as another barrier to the outside world. London can be a dangerous place. If the glass in your sash windows has broken, or some sort of functionality has broken meaning that you’re vulnerable to the outside world, give us a call.

Most of our projects are carried out on site anyway to avoid endless journeys backwards and forwards from the site back to the workshop.

Our team can arrive quickly to fix your windows. It could be that we just install a temporary solutions just so that you’re protected, then we could quote a proper repair solution for you.

Hopefully it would be within a good timeframe. Or you are more than welcome to gather more quotes for your repairs at this stage.

Our aims for the repair will be to limit damage to the integrity of the windows. There’s no point in damaging your windows further, so we’ll propose the solution before carrying out to make sure you’re happy with the solution.

Usually for any emergency sash window repairs we carry out, it’s just the glazing that needs fixing. The process to fixing the glass on a residential property is relatively simple and we should just be able to do it there and then.

If we can’t, we return with the correct glazing to make the repairs to your home.

If you’re a commercial business, please also feel free to call us. Generally, we answer more emergency sash window repair calls for home owners rather than businesses (not that we get all that many), but our service extends to businesses too.

Sash windows we repaired in central London

Which areas of London do you cover?

Due to our central location, there are loads of areas that we can cover.

People call us and ask of our radius and we just ask them what the project is. The team would be happy to travel anywhere in London and even outside of London if it the project was good enough. Hopefully you can see by the website that we’ve been in some really large, prestigious projects.

Not all of them were next door and we didn’t mind travelling. Large projects are gratifying because the importance of the project seems to be enhanced. It’s a real ‘project’ and something that we can drive past with a smile on our faces.

However, for small, residential repair works (under 8 windows), we generally answer that our service will travel to a 30 mile radius from the centre of London. Our team is large enough that we can send our sash window repair team all over London. If you consider London traffic, this is still a really good radius.

Our Coverage

We’ll travel anywhere for a substantial and prestigious project. For small, singular sash window repairs we will travel within a 30-mile radius of the centre of London. If your view from your premises can see ‘Big Ben’ clock tower then we can serve you with a sash window repair.